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Hi, I just joined (heheh, obviously, cause this was just created. :))

-Name: Gillian
-Location: near Toronto, Canada
-How you heard about Kevin: Well, quite a few years ago I saw Les Mis when Kevin was just one of the students (not Marius yet) and my sister and I spoke with him afterwards and he was obviously very nice. Then, I went to Altar Boyz, knowing that he was in the cast and I actually got to see him in the show because he was on for Luke.
-Interesting tid-bit: Ok, I just went to New York and very unexpectedly went to see Altar Boyz matinee. We seriously got to the theatre at 2:01pm, quickly decided to buy tickets, get to our seats and see: "The Role of Juan will be played by Kevin Kern" and we proceeded to squee until the show started... ok, it didn't end there. :)
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