peace now, freedom now, equality now. (goodtimenation) wrote in kevinkern,
peace now, freedom now, equality now.

Welcome to [take a picture of me now], a community dedicated to the extremely talented and wonderful Broadway performer Kevin Kern.

Kevin has most recently been seen as the Altar Boy (or you know, a swing) in the hit off-Broadway show Altar Boyz. He'll be departing that on November 23rd to begin rehearsals for the up coming Broadway version of The Wedding Singer, where he'll be swing for the two lead male roles. Previously on and off-Broadway he's been seen in The Rhythm Club (pre-Broadway run), Finian's Rainbow, and Les Miserables where he was Marius when the show closed in May 2003.

Now that the little intro is out of the way, enjoy posting in the community. Whatever you're willing to share with us we'll be happy to have. Just remember to read the rules - that's all I ask! Thanks.

Your mod,
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