October 30th, 2005

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Welcome to [take a picture of me now], a community dedicated to the extremely talented and wonderful Broadway performer Kevin Kern.

Kevin has most recently been seen as the Altar Boy (or you know, a swing) in the hit off-Broadway show Altar Boyz. He'll be departing that on November 23rd to begin rehearsals for the up coming Broadway version of The Wedding Singer, where he'll be swing for the two lead male roles. Previously on and off-Broadway he's been seen in The Rhythm Club (pre-Broadway run), Finian's Rainbow, and Les Miserables where he was Marius when the show closed in May 2003.

Now that the little intro is out of the way, enjoy posting in the community. Whatever you're willing to share with us we'll be happy to have. Just remember to read the rules - that's all I ask! Thanks.

Your mod,
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Hi, I just joined (heheh, obviously, cause this was just created. :))

-Name: Gillian
-Location: near Toronto, Canada
-How you heard about Kevin: Well, quite a few years ago I saw Les Mis when Kevin was just one of the students (not Marius yet) and my sister and I spoke with him afterwards and he was obviously very nice. Then, I went to Altar Boyz, knowing that he was in the cast and I actually got to see him in the show because he was on for Luke.
-Interesting tid-bit: Ok, I just went to New York and very unexpectedly went to see Altar Boyz matinee. We seriously got to the theatre at 2:01pm, quickly decided to buy tickets, get to our seats and see: "The Role of Juan will be played by Kevin Kern" and we proceeded to squee until the show started... ok, it didn't end there. :)
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-Name: Eva
-Location: Central New York
-How you heard about Kevin: I saw him as Luke the first time I saw Altar Boyz.
-Interesting tid-bit: Umm..it's 8:30 in the morning and my dog is barking his head off so I can't think of anything interesting :P
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-Name: Sarah
-Location: Long Island, NY for college, but the rest of the time, Albany, NY.
-How you heard about Kevin: Kevin went on as Matthew the 2nd time I saw Altar Boyz.
-Interesting tid-bit: I was super happy to take a picture with Kevin the one time I saw him perform. It wasn't till after the picture was taken and I had left Dodgers completely that it hit me that I just took a picture with Marius from the closing cast of Les Mis. I have now been on a mission ever since to get a picture of he and I where I don't look like ass. *nods* Hopefully on Thursday when I go see Kevin!Matthew again *dances*

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-Name: Karen
-Location: Like audienceawaits, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (We're sisters.)
-How you heard about Kevin: I saw him in Les Mis back in 2001 or 2002, and met him after the show. I remember thinking he was incredibly nice and really pretty. :) Then he was my first Luke in Altar Boyz!
-Interesting tid-bit: Kevin-related? Well, I remember that before we came to NY in July, I found out that he'd be playing Luke and I was really excited about it. Everyone kept telling me how sad it was I was going to miss Andy Karl (don't get me wrong, I adore Andy!) but I was mostly just all giddy about seeing Kevin!
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Haha, even if I am the mod, I should probably do this..

-Name: Caitlin
-Location: Omaha, Nebraska
-How you heard about Kevin: Kind of in the same boat as wakedistracted, Andy Karl was sick my first time seeing ABz and even though I was sad about not getting to see Andy after hearing SO MUCH about him, Kevin did NOT disappoint as Luke at all. Infact, afterward the people I was with were asking me who was my favorite character and actor, and I'm pretty sure I said "that guy who played Luke... Kevin? I think?" Haha. ;)
-Interesting tid-bit: Ummm. Apparently Kevin stalks me has read all of my posts on the ABz boards. LOL He said so himself!
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-Name: Cailin.
-Location: New York City.
-How you heard about Kevin: He was my first Matthew when maybethistime took me to see Altar Boyz.
-Interesting tid-bit: The first time I officially met Kevin, I also met his adorable little girl, Sunny. And fell completely for both of them, because hi, cute guy + kid = ♥!
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-Name: Justine
-Location: New Jersey
-How you heard about Kevin: Saw him a bunch of times in Les Mis starting in 2001.
-Interesting tid-bit: One time when I saw Altar Boyz there was an announcement made at the beginning of the show saying that the role of Matthew will be played by KEVIN KERN! This was totally last-minute, there was no understudy slip or anything. Of course I was really happy because Altar Boyz is always even more fun when Kevin goes on. And indeed it was. :-D
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-Name: Melanie
-Location: Voorhees, NJ
-How you heard about Kevin: Through all the ABz boards-ness, and seeing his as Mark the first (and only) time I saw Altar Boyz.
-Interesting tid-bit: I absolutely loooooved him as Mark, and was excited to meet him after the show. However, I missed him. *whimper* Although according to my mom, he pointed out my C is for Crunk shirt to someone. Woot!
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