peace now, freedom now, equality now. (goodtimenation) wrote in kevinkern,
peace now, freedom now, equality now.

Haha, even if I am the mod, I should probably do this..

-Name: Caitlin
-Location: Omaha, Nebraska
-How you heard about Kevin: Kind of in the same boat as wakedistracted, Andy Karl was sick my first time seeing ABz and even though I was sad about not getting to see Andy after hearing SO MUCH about him, Kevin did NOT disappoint as Luke at all. Infact, afterward the people I was with were asking me who was my favorite character and actor, and I'm pretty sure I said "that guy who played Luke... Kevin? I think?" Haha. ;)
-Interesting tid-bit: Ummm. Apparently Kevin stalks me has read all of my posts on the ABz boards. LOL He said so himself!
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