Except for Gilligan's we watch...Captain Kirk. (brody_robot) wrote in kevinkern,
Except for Gilligan's we watch...Captain Kirk.

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-Name: Sarah
-Location: Long Island, NY for college, but the rest of the time, Albany, NY.
-How you heard about Kevin: Kevin went on as Matthew the 2nd time I saw Altar Boyz.
-Interesting tid-bit: I was super happy to take a picture with Kevin the one time I saw him perform. It wasn't till after the picture was taken and I had left Dodgers completely that it hit me that I just took a picture with Marius from the closing cast of Les Mis. I have now been on a mission ever since to get a picture of he and I where I don't look like ass. *nods* Hopefully on Thursday when I go see Kevin!Matthew again *dances*

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